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You need a Course Password to access all training courses. Your employer or contractor will provide the password.

All training videos are with English speaker voice but available with subtitles in following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
How to start a training course ?
1 Each person must register prior to start a training course. Click on the green button "Register" below and insert ALL fields. By clicking you accept register acc. to GDPR EU 2016-679.

2 Access all courses by:
- Enter your names
- Date of birth (yymmdd)
- Enter the Course Password

Click "Start Training"
3 After login: Start the training by select the training course and language - subtitle.
You are approved when all boxes are green.

You may print out a certificate when finished. GOOD LUCK!

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Brödtext är den löpande texten i en trycksak, tidningsartikel, eller på en webbsida, till skillnad från exempelvis rubriker och bildtexter.

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